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                                                                              *Discover the Enchanting World of Blue Moon Huskies*

Welcome to Blue Moon Huskies, where the beauty and majesty of extreme woolly huskies come to life. Our huskies are not just pets; they are family, bred with care, dedication, and a commitment to health and quality. Each of our puppies undergoes comprehensive health testing, including Embark and OFA certifications, ensuring a happy and healthy start to their new life with you.

*What Sets Us Apart?*

– *Exquisite Woolly Coats:* Our huskies feature stunning, luxurious woolly coats, perfect for those who love the unique and fluffy.
– *Health First Approach:* We prioritize health with multiple OFA exams on all of our huskies, including eyes and hips. All puppies are dewormed four times, receive two DAPP vaccinations, embarked , DNA Store in the AKC DNA Program and OFA eyes certification.
– *Unmatched Temperament:* Known for their calm and loving demeanor, our huskies make perfect companions for any family.

*Join the Blue Moon Family*

When you choose a Blue Moon Husky puppy, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re joining a community. We provide ongoing support and advice to ensure your journey with your new furry friend is smooth and joyful.

Embrace the magic of Blue Moon Huskies—where your dream puppy awaits!



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